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5 tactics for building a positive employer brand

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June 7, 2022

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Your company’s employer brand is a vital part of any brand strategy. By inducting employees into a living brand culture, your workforce becomes an integral part of the total brand experience.

This endeavor requires a well-structured and organized digital storytelling initiative. With a good Content Management System (CMS), your central content library is easily kept up to date with targeted messaging that is accessible by all departments, while being controlled by a central editorial staff.

With this in place, you can use numerous tactics that ensure that your company builds a strong positive employer brand. Every part of the employee experience can be guided and informed by on-point digital media assets and personal stories that connect and inspire.

The following 5 tactics can help elevate your employer brand:

  • Make the office an attractive place attract the best talent with an exciting office environment. Repurpose your CXC as an Employee Experience Center, where they can explore and learn the company culture and values.
  • Elevate your Brand and Culture guidewith personal stories – as an alternative to the culture guide, create a dynamic and interactive company culture guide using personal digital stories that tell your employer brand story from real employee perspectives.
  • Remote recruitment Use the best tools to educate potential employees about your company culture, and give them a virtual tour.
  • Off-boarding keep the door open for talented staff to return, even after they leave to grow their careers. Give them a memorable send-off that makes it clear what a great employer you are.
  • Create a structured content library Maintain consistency and accessibility for all your digital assets with a structured common library. Using the Hyro CMS, everything can be kept organized and up to date by qualified admins who maintain editorial control over the whole enterprise.

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Susan van Dueren den Hollander

Business Development Manager
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