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At Purple, we believe every organisation has great stories to tell, which can be empowered by applying technology in the right way. In the end, grabbing attention of your target audience equals success.

In order to be successful in a constant changing world, any business should embrace technology and strive to be remarkable. We aim for business value for our clients by creating great concepts that power their story. Powered by our own digital storytelling software Hyro and innovative technologies we create immersive experiences, hybrid studios and remarkable online productions.

At Purple we've been making a difference all over the world.


Brand experiences launched.

We've helped companies big and small, from all over the world launch some of the most remarkable and memorable experiences.

Different nationalities.

We have a fantastic team from all over the world. Our office knows many different languages and cultures.

Cities enriched.

Around the world we've made quite the impact by helping major international brand enrich cities.

Team members.

Across 3 different offices on 2 continents. And we're growing!

We are Purple

We innovate and embrace the power of technology to grab attention and engage minds. We are curious, creative, courageous and compassionate. We always go the extra mile to help our clients bring their story to the world - like never before.

Together we’ll build brand experiences that have enduring value and impact. For you, your clients and customers, and employees.

At Purple we dare to innovate, always challenge the status quo, embrace everything that is new, and focus solely on creating differentiating and remarkable strategies, concepts and productions for you.

What we do

At Purple we are passionate about telling stories that reach, move, capture and touch people. We help our clients discover the power of telling stories across various immersive channels.

Say goodbye to boring presentations. We’ve helped our partners to harness powerful technologies that bring ideas and product launches to life. At the heart of our approach is our own platform: Hyro.

It’s a unique software tool that’s easy to operate, but powerful enough to use in any situation. With Hyro you can tell your story using any hardware imaginable; from immersive experience rooms to a mobile brand experience center - or any other screen. A world of inspiring possibilities is at your fingertips.

Purple Sail, summer of 2021.
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The Purple Team.

Adam Broe
Digital Designer
Alex Melsen
Technical Project Manager
Andreas de Groot
Photo- and Videographer
Antoine Lubidineuse
Digital Designer
Bart Nieuwenhuizen
Bas van Rijn
Unity Developer
Bjorn Scholma
Motion Designer
Chidi Jenkins Johnston
Creative Strategist
Chris Heslinga
Virtual Production Designer
Christiaan Grit
2D Digital Designer
Daniele Denaro
Head of Virtual Production
Dennis van Bakkum
Head of Service Management & Support
Elmer van Engelenburg
Support Engineer
Emile van den Ende
Francesco Zambianchi
Delivery Manager
Freek de Vries
Director of Business Development
Frits Bakker
Financial Controller
Gerben Mak
Guido Huijser
Delivery Manager
Jasper Venema
Transition Manager
Jeroen Roskam
Financial Administrator
Jessica Endert
Joost Rueck
Marcella Lombardo
3D Designer
Marilyn Colenbrander
Office Manager
Mick Smorenburg
Head of Design
Nick van Leijden
Product Designer
Nick von Bibra
Project Manager
Nicole Meijer
Project Manager
Pieter Mons
Sales Representative
Raul Parola
Lead Developer
Rick Veenstra
Unity Developer
Rody van Gessel
Technology Strategist
Ryan McDowell
Project Manager
Sam van den Berg
Design Intern
Sebastian Glania
Support Engineer
Susan van Dueren den Hollander
Global Account Manager
Teresa Fischer
Creative Strategist
Thomas van der Kooi
Art Director
Tim Fokker
Head of Product Development
Tin Meerding
Concept Strategy Intern
Toine Stolk
Support Engineer
Travis Rice
Head of Strategy & Concepting
Twan Korrel
Creative Strategist
Valentijn Huybens
Creative Strategist
Willem Ruys
Zulfikar Parhaad
Product Designer
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Creative Strategist

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3D Artist Concept Visualizer

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