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Our story

At Purple, we believe every organisation has great stories to tell, which can be empowered by applying technology in the right way. In the end, grabbing attention of your target audience equals success.

In order to be successful in a constant changing world, any business should embrace technology and strive to be remarkable. We aim for business value for our clients by creating great concepts that power their story. Powered by our own digital storytelling software Hyro and innovative technologies we create immersive experiences, hybrid studios and remarkable online productions.

We are Purple

We innovate and embrace the power of technology to grab attention and engage minds. We are curious, creative, courageous and compassionate. We always go the extra mile to help our clients bring their story to the world - like never before. Together we’ll build brand experiences that have enduring value and impact. For you, your clients and customers, and employees.
At Purple we dare to innovate, always challenge the status quo, embrace everything that is new, and focus solely on creating differentiating and remarkable strategies, concepts and productions for you.

What we do

At Purple we are passionate about telling stories that reach, move, capture and touch people. We help our clients discover the power of telling stories across various immersive channels.

Say goodbye to boring presentations. We’ve helped our partners to harness powerful technologies that bring ideas and product launches to life. At the heart of our approach is our own platform: Hyro. It’s a unique software tool that’s easy to operate, but powerful enough to use in any situation. With Hyro you can tell your story using any hardware imaginable; from immersive experience rooms to a mobile brand experience center - or any other screen. A world of inspiring possibilities is at your fingertips.

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