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At Purple we are passionate about telling stories that reach, move, capture and touch people. We help our clients discover the power of telling stories across various immersive channels.

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Our Hyro platform is at the heart of everything we create. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use software tool that helps you deliver amazing digital stories.

Client: Nike.

Hyro. (By Purple.)

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"We wanted our customers to experience digital transformation, to synthesizing the complex and making them part of a real story. We use Hyro in our Holosuite, which would allow us to easily create content ourselves and help us create new scenarios easily. The experience offers a completely new way of storytelling; a 360° interactive screen, onto which you can showcase stories. Visitors are fully surrounded in the environment of the customer scenario, letting them experience scenarios in a completely unique way."
Joris Haverkort
Director Experience Center



"Until recently, I would tell our story with the help of simple videos and normal presentations. We realised, however, that we had trouble getting our message across to our customers. That's why we decided to make a U-turn and introduce a complete new way of presenting. The Immersive Experience makes complex stories easy to understand and enables a “hands-on experience” with our software. Ultimately, a custom-tailored experience can be created by everyone in a few clicks. This experience transforms the way we engage with our customers."
Mark Raben
Chief Technology Officer MEE


"The experience center gives us the opportunity to inspire colleagues, customers and partners in an inventive and interactive way. Everyone who walks into the room and attends a presentation is always amazed and surprised at what they have experienced."
Angela de Jong
Internal Branding
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