Turn your Briefing Center into a Customer Experience Center

It's an interactive focus point where your brand, products, and services become experiences.

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Visual from: Anonymous Briefing Center
What can you do with a Briefing Center?

Your new upgraded Briefing Center will be the highlight of your brand experience. The clock starts ticking the moment a customer walks into your office. You only have a few hours to show them what you have to offer and how you differ from the competition.

  • Elevate brand experience
  • Easily communicate complex values propositions and tangible stories.
  • Shorten sale cycles
  • Increase deal size
  • Add value to any VIP presentations, sales pitches, product training and onboarding

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Visual from: IFS - Briefing Center
What we do?

Upgrade your digital storytelling and focus on your brand experience goals with your new Briefing Center. By inviting your customers to your briefing center and offer them an interactive experience, they feel valued. You can tailor your story to the needs of the audience and share values you both believe in. Clients don’t just get a presentation; they are given an unforgettable experience. How to get there? We will guide you through the whole process!

  • We offer a consultancy service to assist you with the Digital Storytelling strategy.
  • Based on the strategy for the brand story, we define what cutting-edge interactive and immersive technologies should be used.
  • We upgrade the hardware and add our storytelling software Hyro to the mix.
  • The center comes to life by creating tailored visual messages in every touch point.
  • Start using your upgraded briefing center!

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