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Customer Experience Center

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A space where your brand, products and services become memorable experiences. Tell a holistic customer-first story that drives business value.
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Introducing your new Customer Experience Center

Your new Customer Experience Center is the crown jewel of your brand, helping to showcase your company's value for customers.

It's a focus point where your brand's story, products, and services unfold, setting you apart from competitors. Every interaction counts, shaping customers' understanding and influencing business outcomes.

This center isn't just a showcase; it's an interactive focal point, essential for impactful brand experiences.

Customer Experience Centers:
Helping you Reach Your Goal

Here, each client's visit is transformed into an opportunity for genuine connection, showcasing your commitment to delivering tailored solutions and shared values.

It's a space where complex value propositions become clear while benefits are tangibly displayed.

Clients receive more than information; they engage in a comprehensive experience that solidifies your role as a trusted partner.

The Solution

Customer Experience Centers are an evolutionary step in brand engagement with the latest interactive technologies, immersing clients in your brand story and values.

At the core are two elements: a compelling Digital Storytelling strategy and a state-of-the-art hardware setup.

Say goodbye to tedious presentations as customers dive into your story, interacting with products and discovering unseen benefits.

It's not just about viewing; it's about engaging, participating and captivating, making your brand's offerings more relatable and impactful through innovative digital displays and immersive environments.

The Purpose of Customer Experience Center

Customer Experience Centers are like interactive briefing hubs, transforming abstract concepts into memorable, hands-on experiences.

Through the power of Hyro Digital Storytelling Software, each visit is customized to connect with individual client needs. Interactive features ensure clients discover relevant information, enhancing the memorability of their experience.

This approach turns every visit into a personalized, impactful journey, embedding your brand's message.

Customer Experience Centers in Action

Purple's innovative technologies have crafted unique Customer Experience Centers for some high-profile clients, each reflecting their unique brand story.

At Honeywell's Headquarters in Charlotte, NC, their center features interactive displays and 3D models, showcasing their diverse range of solutions, along with a standout digital display of building optimization technology that includes a real time heat map of the HQ.

IFS, a global enterprise software company, employs their center to demonstrate their influence across multiple industries, using Hyro Digital Storytelling Software for diverse, impactful narratives. Each story demonstrating the real-world impact of their software solutions

In the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, another Purple client has leveraged their center to display how their products are an integral part of daily life, creating an immersive experience that is complemented by an innovative 'brand activation' feature.

Each setup is different - because every brand’s story is unique.

The Benefit of Customer Experience Centers

Your Customer Experience Center is the pinnacle stage to control and enhance how customers perceive your brand.

Tailored digital stories create impactful experiences, while interactive technologies ensure deep engagement and inspiration.

Purple’s team offers expert guidance on crafting your brand's digital narrative with effective strategies and cutting-edge tech.

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