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Customer Experience Center

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It’s an interactive focus point where your brand, products and services become experiences.
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Introducing your new Customer Experience Center

Your new Customer Experience Center is the crowning jewel of your brand experience. It helps you solidify your company’s value in the mind of the customer - ensuring that they leave your office with a clear understanding of your brand and what it can do for them. 

From the moment customers enter your offices, the clock is ticking. You have just a few hours to show them exactly what you can offer, and how you’re different from the competition.

There’s no margin for error here. Every step of their journey plays a role, and nothing is more influential in assuring a positive business outcome than your Customer Experience Center. It’s an interactive focus point – a nexus where your brand, products and services come to life.

Customer Experience Centers:
Helping you Reach Your Goal

Customers come to you looking for solutions. They need to know that you can deliver, and that you share values they believe in. Your Customer Experience Center helps you reach this goal. With interactive experiences that can be tailored to match each individual client, you can give them a customer experience that ‘hits home,’ each and every time.

Armed with interactive and immersive technologies, your company’s Customer Experience Center can easily communicate complex value propositions and tangible benefits. Clients don’t just get a presentation; they’re given an experience. They can see for themselves why your company is a trusted partner for them, in terms they can truly grasp.

The Solution

Customer Experience Centers use the latest interactive and immersive technologies to take clients on a brand journey. Centering on your brand and core values, these technologies grab the attention of your customers and let them experience your brand story for themselves. 

Every good Customer Experience Center consists of two main parts: a Digital Storytelling strategy and the hardware setup. It always starts with the brand story companies wants to tell, followed by the right technology. 

Good digital storytelling strategy means no more boring presentations. Instead, your customer will experience the whole story for themselves. 

The hardware will typically consist of interactive or sensor digital signage, large screens or video walls, and immersive experience rooms. All of these are harmoniously combined with customized Digital Storytelling that turns your products and solutions into tangible benefits – something that the customer relates to.

They can interact with your products, dive into the details, and see advantages that they didn’t even consider. They become active participants in your brand, and help to define what it can offer to them.

The Purpose of Customer Experience Center

Customer Experience Centers are like an interactive Briefing Center. Abstract ideas can become experiential memories, and wide-ranging positive impacts can be demonstrated in action. With the power of Digital Storytelling, they help companies convey complex messages. Using the Hyro Digital Storytelling Software, each customer experience can become customized and tailored to match their individual needs.

Interactive elements help clients to find information that matters to them – and it makes the entire visit more memorable.

Customer Experience Centers in Action

Purple’s breathtaking immersive technologies have been used to create some of the world’s most stunning Customer Experience Centers, and each setup is unique to each brand.

For example, for Honeywell’s new Headquarters in Charlotte NC, the company wanted something that could showcase their incredible range of solutions in action. With their Customer Experience Center, visitors can instantly engage with interactive displays that help them explore information and 3D models of Honeywell’s amazing technologies. Their building optimization technology is shown in action, with a digital display that shows a real-time heat map of the actual building. A large video wall and immersive experience room allows the company to leverage their library of digital assets to show customized digital stories that impact every customer who walks through their door.

Similarly, global enterprise software company IFS uses their Customer Experience Center to show the multitude of different industries that they operate in. Their immersive experience room uses the Hyro Digital Storytelling Software to show many different stories, each demonstrating the real-world positive impact of their software solutions – turning something abstract into a real-life experience.

Another Purple client operating in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector has recently started using their Customer Experience Center to show their customers how their ubiquitous products are closely interwoven with the deep rhythms of people’s everyday lives – clearly demonstrating this abstract idea with a breathtaking immersive experience. To make it even more memorable, this client also uses a ‘brand activation’ feature that provides lasting value.

Each setup is different - because every brand story is unique.

The Benefit of Customer Experience Centers

There’s no substitute for experience. Your Customer Experience Center is an opportunity to have total control over how your customer experiences your brand. You can show them exactly what they need to see, and you can customize each experience by using digital stories with maximum impact.

Interactive and immersive technologies will engage and enthrall. Your clients will be compelled to learn more, bringing themselves even deeper into your brand story as they explore. With a Customer Experience Center, you’re not just informing the customer – you’re inspiring them.

Purple’s experts are able to advise on how to turn your brand story into engaging digital storytelling using the right tactics and technologies that have the most impact for your brand. Want to learn more? Get in touch!

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