The Innovation Room

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IFS needed a way to demonstrate what makes them different. To show off innovative software, you need something that can do it all. From 3D visualization, to immersive games that demonstrate the breadth of possibilities. An immersive innovation room was the answer.
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How do you make the right impression? When IFS opened their new flagship office for Europe in London, they wanted it to be an innovative, digital hub for employees and IFS customers. It had to showcase their impressive growth and new strategy. With these intentions in mind, IFS decided to integrate an Innovation Room into their office. Working with our trusted partners, Purple delivered a spectacular centerpiece that shows off IFS’s capabilities.


With the addition of the IFS Innovation Room, IFS is able to invite customers to their site while underlining their company story and different types of software solutions in the best possible way. Starting with a personalized immersive show based around their 5 top industries, the innovation room allows for customers to really step and immerse into the World of IFS.

As an integral part of their office, the Innovation Room now makes it easy to show presentations of any kind, or demonstrate software products in the most spectacular way possible.


Innovation Room: IFS, London, United Kingdom

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