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Our Hyro platform is at the heart of everything we create. It’s a powerful and easy-to-use software tool that helps you deliver amazing digital stories.

We love digital storytelling. There’s no better way to captivate and inspire. But we found it frustrating that the technology was so inaccessible for most end-users. That’s why we created Hyro. 

It’s a digital storytelling platform that works like a bridge between your imagination and the technology that makes it come to life. 
With Hyro, anyone can easily use digital media (of any kind) to produce compelling digital experiences. 

It can work with any kind of screen or immersive tech. Hyro can support the complexity of hybrid events or online streaming experiences. Even better, you can use Hyro from anywhere in the world, with a cloud-based platform that’s compatible with any device. 

So you can create your story in Tokyo, and show it in Dubai. Within minutes.

We love working with our clients to create breathtaking experiences that grab audiences, but we also wanted to give them the independence to experiment. The freedom to use their immersive experiences and other audiovisual technology in new ways. We wanted to give them ‘the keys to the kingdom’.

The Hyro platform does this. It levels the playing field, and enables anyone to harness the power of digital storytelling. 
Presenters can operate Hyro easily with a tablet. It’s so straightforward, you can adapt experiences in real-time, while carrying-on a conversation. With just a few taps you can add or remove media elements from your experience, or trigger specific elements based on audience participation. It can also use sensors to create entirely interactive experiences.

Quite simply, Hyro puts you in control of your story.

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