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Back at the office? Let’s make the most of it with digital storytelling

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April 8, 2022

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At last, the great return to the office has arrived – but not everyone is on the same page when it comes to what this means. Few offices are attempting to enforce a five day per week regime; rather, most companies are embracing the hybrid working model that has been so effective during the pandemic period. As we transition to a post-pandemic hybrid office, our sights are now set on managing the complex challenges of hybrid working. 

The top priority is ensuring that time spent in the office is as worthwhile and impactful as possible, while fully including the remote members of hybrid teams. But this is a considerable challenge. To truly make the office work, each team member needs to be connected and engaged. This means connecting people wherever they are; at home, in the office, or abroad. 

Keeping those minds engaged is also vital. When the team is fully engaged, time in the office can be more productively spent. Ideas can flow more freely, and concepts can develop more quickly. But how can we achieve this when our attention is being diverted by so many distractions and responsibilities? How do we keep people engaged when they are potentially sitting in different spaces and time-zones?

Thankfully, digital storytelling technologies are the perfect tool for connecting people, engaging minds and enabling complex collaborations. As we’ll see, digital storytelling and immersive experiences have demonstrated incredible value for training new recruits, creating incredible hybrid experiences and seamlessly connecting people and integrating their work-flows. Read more here.

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Gerben Mak

Managing Director
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