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How Digital Storytelling can elevate your Brand Experience in 2022

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May 9, 2022

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The way that the customer experiences your brand helps to define your overall ‘brand experience’. The customer will encounter your brand in a number of ways, but you can help shape their perceptions by creating an intentional brand experience that takes control of the narrative. Digital storytelling is an important part of this strategy because it turns your complex brand story into something personal and relatable - and it can be tailored to specific audiences.

Digital technologies are becoming a central part of the way customers interact with the world, so it makes sense to harness these in combination with the power of digital storytelling technologies. Digital signage can create low-threshold opportunities for brand interaction and can turn a boring waiting room into an interactive brand experience.

At the other end of the spectrum, companies are employing fully immersive experience rooms and large screens to create immersive brand experiences and digital showrooms. The most exciting trend today, however, is the use of Digital Twins.

These are complex mathematical simulations of real objects, processes or systems, which are accessible with a 3D virtualization of the original thing. These are most often used for data-led decision making but can be used in combination with Purple’s versatile and flexible storytelling technologies to create a virtual digital story of a physical asset.

It’s an amazing way to show customers exactly what your brand can do and how your customer can fit in. It’s a full simulation, so you can deepen your customer’s brand experience by showing them the potential outcomes of different actions – including how their involvement with your brand affects the big picture. There is no better way to visualize the story of complex systems, and to draw the customer deeper into your brand.

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Susan van Dueren den Hollander

Business Development Manager
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