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How to make your trade show booth stand out: Digital storytelling

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January 26, 2022
At last, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions are back on the agenda.  

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To succeed in creating a winning Trade Show stand design, you need to make sure it grabs attention, tells your brand story, and uses brand activation and other tools to build a stronger relationship with the customer. You’ve got maybe five seconds to grab attention and reel them in. While you can’t tell your whole story in that time, you can create a holistic experience with rich digital content. When you combine this with a solid strategy and interactive technologies like Expo digital signage or immersive experiences, you gain powerful synergies that attract attendees and turn them into brand evangelists.

Purple offers an array of technological concepts for digital storytelling at a Trade Show or Expo. These are convenient, powerful, and easy to manage with the Hyro digital storytelling software. Here are some of the best options for Trade Shows:

PopIX– a 360-degree, pop-up immersive experience room for Trade Shows.

– often used as a professional streaming solution, this large display can be used for interactive experiences and hybrid experiences.

Sensor-driven digital signage - can be used to activate digital storytelling based on presence or action.

Interactive digital signage
- helps new customers create a customized experience by directly interacting with your brand story.

Purple is experienced in creating novel digital storytelling concepts, stunning digital content, and powerful interactive and immersive experiences. We work in close collaboration with stand builders and AV partners to create stunning Trade Show stands, and this helps you win new customers at Expos with the best possible tools.

Written by:

Susan van Dueren den Hollander

Business Development Manager
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