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Success Case - Schuberg Philis

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November 2, 2021
Founded in 2003, Schuberg Philis is an innovative Dutch software development company. They specialize in finding creative and reliable solutions for mission-critical applications across all sectors. The company prides itself in delivering value as an IT Business Partner with a flexible and self-organizing and agile structure that focuses on each customer with a specialized team of experts.

At the very heart of Schuberg Philis is innovation – a critical survival trait for an IT and business technology company. To ensure innovation is embedded in everything they do, one of the most valuable parts of the company is the innovation centre, Lab 271. In this open-plan creative space, talented minds are set loose on solving the problems of tomorrow with new, innovative technologies.

Lab271 is a place that is dedicated to curiosity and focusing on emerging technologies like AI and IoT. This is a space for experimentation and ‘dreaming out loud’ to envisage the world of tomorrow.

It is in this creative space that Schuberg Philis chose to install a wall-to-wall interactive display, powered by Hyro storytelling software.

How did the collaboration with Purple start?

Like so many things, Schuberg Philis was introduced to Purple by a personal recommendation. Schuberg Philis was surprised (and delighted) to find this ‘hidden gem’; a relatively small, home-grown Dutch company that offers such powerful and innovative solutions.

Hearing positive stories about the possibilities and seeing how such a technology could boost their creativity and collaboration with clients, Schuberg Philis decided on a solution that fit their open and creative company culture. They decided to turn a wall-to-wall screen into an interactive collaboration tool and digital storytelling canvas, by using Hyro’s powerful and flexible storytelling software. The interactive screen is located in an accessible, open-plan creative-thinking space that fosters experimentation and collaboration with clients.

Hyro in action at Schuberg Philis.

The main use of Schuberg Philis’ setup is as a tool for collaboration, with the additional benefit of being used for presentations and digital storytelling. The hardware was already in place, but what allowed Schuberg Philis to unleash the full potential was the Hyro software.

Hyro’s intuitive content management system makes it easy for anyone to build unique and customized digital stories. It’s also easy to switch between experiences, so different teams can jump in at any time without needing to make any adjustments.

Moving between a sales presentation and a collaborative co-creative session is as simple as a few taps on a tablet. Best of all, the digital resources can be shared using a content management system that all users can access, meaning each digital asset can be readily re-deployed to deliver value in a different context.

Using Hyro, Schuberg Philis is really getting the most out of their hardware by extending the possibilities to fit their requirements for collaboration and creative tools. However, the real value of using the Hyro software at Schuberg Philis’ Lab271 has been the flexibility. The simple setup and content management system makes it easier for all colleagues to tell their stories, and the adaptability of the Hyro software is the key in unlocking the full potential.

The hyro setup at Schuberg Philis

How is Hyro being used?

Schuberg Philis operates across diverse industries including logistics, finance and critical supply chains, and they need to be able to tell stories and show scenarios that resonate with each specific customer.

Being able to easily adapt and switch between content makes it possible to tell a specific story once (as a teaser, to get ideas flowing), and then switch between customized elements, re-using some content when it makes sense. They have found ways to catalyze collaboration by telling a story, and then developing this story along with the customers in an interactive way, to explore new possibilities and solutions.

The flexibility of the Hyro software in combination with the interactive possibilities has resulted in a unique and customized setup that works seamlessly with other content-building apps to create interactive experiences with 3D rendering and much more.

In Schuberg Philis’ case, they have extended the possibilities with Unity, Unreal engine, and Miro, while leveraging digital agencies and game design experts to create impressive immersive experiences that really let the creative juices flow. The powerful Hyro software brings all these elements together into an easy-to-use system that anyone can use.

Feedback from clients.

The immersive setup is the centrepiece at the innovation centre at Lab271, and the client response has been very positive.

This facility provides support for all operations, so visitors frequently come by to discuss ideas and see innovations in action. When they see the engaging stories being shown on the wall-to-wall screens, they are immediately drawn in, and ideas can start to flow very quickly.

“We want all visitors to be confident we can solve their problems, and we want to inspire them by showing how we have fixed other problems”

Ilja Heitlager, Lab271, Schuberg Philis.


Schuberg Philis’ main focus is always on delivering value to the customer, and a part of this is providing new solutions to unique problems. For this reason, the innovation centre at Lab271 is at the heart of their business.

The company has a strong focus on mission critical outsourcing, and executing solutions as a digital strategy partner. Partnership and collaboration is a primary tool for reaching this goal and their Hyro-powered immersive setup helps them to achieve this objective.
For such an open company, it is important to enable all employees and teams to make use of this innovative way to collaborate, inspire and demonstrate concepts.

Once installed, Schuberg Philis actually found the immersive solution to be even more powerful than they imagined, with many possibilities for the future that have not yet been realized. At Schuberg Philis they’re always looking to the future, and in partnership with Purple that future is looking even brighter.

“We have one KPI, and that is customer satisfaction.”

Ilja Heitlager, Lab271, Schuberg Philis.

Written by:

Susan van Dueren den Hollander

Business Development Manager
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