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Taking an immersive brand experience directly to the client’s doorstep

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July 2, 2021
Perhaps it was a 360-degree cinema, a planetarium, a rollercoaster, or even skydiving – they all seem pretty different, but what these all have in common is the ability to fill your senses and completely draw you in, so you are fully immersed in the experience.

The Big Event

Imagine if you could ramp up your brand’s digital storytelling game to that level; to leave clients with that same sense of lasting wonder. What if you could bring that immersive experience directly to your client’s doorstep, wherever they are?

Purple is specialized in creating unique brand storytelling concepts just like this and in April 2021 they hosted a very special 3-day event showcasing one of the most interesting possibilities in corporate storytelling; the Hyro Truck Immersive Experience.

Excited delegates from more than a dozen companies all enjoyed fully customized immersive experiences showcasing the technology and how it can be used specifically for them. It was a perfect demonstration of how immersive digital storytelling can be used for a multitude of different purposes - across every industry imaginable - using one truck.

"It was a perfect demonstration of how immersive digital storytelling can be used for a multitude of different purposes - across every industry imaginable - using one truck."

What’s in the Truck?

The Hyro Truck IX is one of the many immersive storytelling concepts created by Purple. It basically enables any company to provide a stunning and engaging immersive experience that can be brought directly to the client’s doorstep. The Immersive Experience Truck turns a regular sales visit or staff training day into a spectacular event – even top management is keen to ‘get in line’ when the truck comes for a visit.

So what is the Immersive Experience Truck?

Well, put simply, it is a fully-immersive experience room on wheels. An immersive experience room is a room where the walls are made up entirely of screens, and is fitted with a powerful audio-visual system. Each wall can be used to display something different, or all four can be combined to create a full 360-degree projection.

They put the participants right in the middle of the action, creating a fully-immersive experience that is practically in its own universe. The outside world ceases to exist, and your attention is fully focused on what is happening within those four walls.

The immersive truck takes just 2 hours to set up after arriving at the destination, with the sides expanding outwards to form a broader interior space enclosed by the 4 touch-capable walls that the visuals are projected onto.

When you enter the Immersive Truck, you first step into a lobby/atrium. This space allows you to really set the tone for the experience with an introductory talk, or whatever fits best. The truck is also fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system with a thumping bass (for that full-body experience) and the exterior can be clad in branded visuals, creating the complete branded experience.

Laying out your plan & creating your story.

Purple has considerable expertise in creating new concepts and building immersive experience rooms for clients. The creatives at Purple love to sit down with clients to hear their story, and work together with them to create tailor-made digital storytelling concepts for bringing their message to their customers.

The Immersive truck is one solution Purple can offer, but the possibilities are actually limitless. If your company is looking for a new way to engage with customers then the Hyro Truck IX might be a perfect start.

Let’s look at how you can get your immersive trip on the road, step-by-step:

  • See the immersive experience in action by hopping on-board the truck, or by visiting a permanent Immersive Experience Room.
  • Sit down with Purple and think together about your company’s story, considering all the different angles, lay out the overarching strategy, and think up some concepts.
  • Decide the specific solution that fits your needs and budget. While a permanent Immersive Experience Room has a tremendous impact and ROI, it is still a hefty investment for many companies so the Immersive Truck can be a great way to literally road-test the concept and measure the success.
  • Agree the duration, schedule, and book the truck.
  • Choose which content to use. You probably have plenty of digital content already on file, but Purple can also assist with every step of this and can offer the ‘complete package’ using their in-house content agency if you need anything. This is a particular advantage because Purple is experienced at creating content that works well with the immersive experience (including 3D content).
  • Training for the Content Management System (CMS), the Hyro storytelling software. This takes comparatively little time and is normally achieved within 1 day.

    The next part is up to you: planning for your trip. You will receive guidance and logistical support for this. All the usual travel plans and arrangements will need to be made, but this time you have something special to tell your customers; you’re bringing something spectacular their way.

Time to hit the road.

Getting your show on the road couldn’t be much easier. The truck always comes with an operator, who will make sure it arrives at each destination on time, and that it’s set up perfectly. All the equipment is checked and calibrated to ensure everything is running smoothly from the start.

When you operate the Immersive Truck you can use an unobtrusive device like a tablet (which is synched with the truck) to easily curate the experience.

The content management system is incredibly easy to manage, with an intuitive drag-and-drop process and the possibility to switch out modular variations for different audiences is easily managed.

The Hyro Truck IX, a Purple & Movico special 3-day event

"The special value of the Hyro Truck IX is the unique ability to bring this powerful tool directly to your clients."

The lasting value of bringing something special.

Immersive Experiences can be powerful tools in our brand storytelling toolkit. They have been shown to shorten the sales cycle, and inspire participants to become brand evangelists afterwards.

The ROI can be maximized by planning the road trip carefully, and consciously considering the different audiences that can be reached. You can pack a lot in, even during a small trip. It is so easy to customize different experiences that it would be foolish not to make use of this asset.

The special value of the Immersive Truck is the unique ability to bring this powerful tool directly to your clients. Such an incredible thing shouldn’t be mobile – but it is.

Written by:

Gerben Mak

Managing Director
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