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As a world-leader in enterprise and resource management software, SAP has a vital role in keeping things running smoothly, efficiently and transparently. But their solutions provide benefits that are intangible – they can be measured, but not directly seen. In addition, their products are designed to deal with complex problems. This means their operation and value are equally complex, and can be difficult to explain. To bridge this gap, SAP uses a breath-taking Immersive Experience room (created by Purple) to give customers an interactive and immersive storytelling experience that actually demonstrates their value. This powerful tool gives SAP the ability to highlight customized value propositions for each client, and the flexibility to control their own narrative.
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Purple worked closely with SAP to create a storytelling strategy that puts their customer in the center. The fully immersive experience room allows SAP to convey the  complex benefits of their products in an easily-digestible way. 

Previously, software sales would involve long presentations with hundreds of PowerPoint slides - but this is not very effective. SAP’s software is a complex product that cannot be reduced to a linear sequence of slides. Instead, they are using the power of immersive storytelling to give customers a more natural way to understand the complexity. 

SAP now deploys these immersive experiences around the world - because they work. The cloud-based operation of Hyro means there are no geographical boundaries to SAP’s brand story – it can go wherever they want it to. 

The ability to customize each experience enables SAP to simultaneously create geographically-tailored messages and digital stories, while also benefiting from the use of a single media library and content management system.

“Until recently, I would tell our story with the help of simple videos and normal presentations. We realised, however, that we had trouble getting our message across to our customers. That’s why we decided to make a U-turn and introduce a complete new way of presenting. The Immersive Experience makes complex stories easy to understand and enables a “hands-on experience” with our software. Ultimately, a custom-tailored experience can be created by everyone in a few clicks. This experience transforms the way we engage with our customers.”
Mark Raben

Chief Technology Officer MEE


There is a real ‘Wow!’ factor to an immersive experience room – and this leaves participants with a memorable experience. When this is combined with the ability to show – to truly visualize – the intangible benefits of a product, you have an incredible tool for communication and persuasion. Deals are signed more quickly and more customers are captured.
For a subscription-based business, this has real value.
The original content was produced by Purple.
However, with the easy operation of the Hyro platform, SAP can readily create powerful immersive digital storytelling experiences of their own, without the reliance on external creative agencies. SAP is able to easily control their own story, and reach customers in a more personal way.


  • Immersive Experience: SAP, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, Walldorf, Germany
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, Brussels, Belgium
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, London, England
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, New Town Square, United States
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, Palo Alto, United States
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, New York, United States
  • Immersive Experience: SAP, Tokyo, Japan

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