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When COVID hit, software company SAP needed to give their customers an online experience that could substitute for an immersive in-person presentation. One that’s truly impressive. Using the Virtual Studio solution from Purple, SAP can communicate abstract ideas, innovations and technological solutions like never before – in a way that audiences can relate to. Even better, it can reach further, with multiple end-uses.
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The Virtual Studio is an amazing full-function digital studio solution created by Purple. It uses state-of-the-art digital virtual technology to turn a large-format led screen and floor into an immersive virtual world. The software essentially ‘extends’ the edges of the LED screens and floor to create a complete immersive world. Presenters can walk through 3D virtual factories, homes and office buildings – or transport audiences to a windy mountaintop. The digital virtual studio technology seamlessly integrates the real-life cameras with the ‘virtual cameras’ to provide a professional immersive presenting experience that can be managed by a single person, using a tablet. This powerful technology has been made truly accessible using the Virtual Studio from Purple, thanks to the easy Hyro platform.

With the Virtual Studio, SAP has free-rein to create and deliver virtually limitless digital experiences. It’s a full-function virtual studio that can be used to create videos and host online events. Using the Hyro Storytelling software, it is even capable of handling hybrid events that combine physical events and online audiences.


With the Virtual Studio, SAP has an incredible tool for communication and engagement. It can be used for multiple end-purposes, because the immersive, spheric content can be broadcast using numerous tools. From Zoom and Teams meetings, to large-scale streaming to thousands of viewers - it’s all possible, and it’s all made easy. 

Perhaps the greatest feature for the user, is that it can be operated by just one person. The complexity and power of a complete digital virtual studio has been turned into something that can be managed using just a tablet. Powered by the Hyro storytelling software, the Virtual Studio is a multi-function asset that provides long-lasting value through memorable experiences that can reach audiences wherever they are.

- Virtual Studio: SAP, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
- Virtual Studio: SAP, Waldorf, Germany
- Virtual Studio: SAP, London, United Kingdom

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