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You may not know it, but there's a good chance that your fridge, pantry and kitchen cupboards are filled with this brand house's products. This client produces a wide range of premium beverage and food items - known and loved around the globe. Every brand they make has a unique identity and amazing story. The new Customer Experience Center (CXC) allows them to showcase these brand stories in an immersive and engaging way. The center uses a combination of technologies and experiences. Every area focuses on showing their customers what the real value of their products is in an interactive and memorable way.
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The client didn't want to build yet another standard conference room (they have plenty) at their new office in Chicago. Instead, they wanted to create an interactive space that would take their brand and customer experience to the next level.

We developed a special set of solutions, integrated into a comprehensive CXC, divided into four distinct areas. The CXC uses a range of technologies to give visitors a real ‘Wow!’ experience that gets them excited about the company's many innovations and brands.

  • The main attraction is a 270° fully immersive experience. Here, they tell attention grabbing stories tailored for customers and focused on brands. They immerse customers in environments that are familiar to them. Making the customer the hero of their story. With the click of a button, the space transforms from a supermarket with aisles lined with products to an orchard with oranges growing. It makes any story come to life.  
  • Adjacent is a shopper insights area. This is where the company demonstrates just how much they know about their consumers. Real-time data driven dashboards allow them to dig deep and explore how they can best help their customers achieve business success.
  • Just across from the shopper insights area, visitors can get up-to-date information about product innovations. A custom designed piece of furniture beautifully showcases the products they produce. When you put a product in front of a display the content tied to that product starts playing. We effectively bridge the gap between physical products and digital content. Offering a fun tactile experience.  
  • Finally, there is a holographic brand activation area. This lives right outside of the main CXC space. This is where customers, employees and partners can engage in a photo opp moment. So they have something to remember their visit by. All the brand heroes are available as holograms that you can stand next to and engage with.


The CXC isn’t simply an amazing brand and customer experience. It helps the company to communicate complex ideas and value propositions to their customers. It collects all of their many and diverse brands into one, interactive space.

The Immersive Experience Room also provides added value by serving as a collaborative and creative space for the company to develop concepts and create new ideas.

Although the ‘starter-pack’ content and 3D environment were created by Purple, the entire setup runs on the powerful and versatile Hyro Storytelling Software.
This platform gives the company the flexibility to update digital assets and stories whenever they want, meaning their most cutting-edge innovations are always on display.


Customer Experience Center: Anonymous, Chicago, Illinois, United States

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