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Honeywell is a global conglomerate with many different products and services on offer, so naturally their customer base covers a broad range of industries and sectors. Honeywell’s Customer Experience Center (CXC) truly demonstrates everything that Honeywell has to offer – by really showing their many solutions in action. With a full spectrum of immersive and interactive technologies, their CXC utilizes the Hyro platform to show Honeywells numerous ‘invisible’ products in action. It makes the unseen, truly visible.
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Honeywell wanted their impressive new Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, to be a shining example of innovation at work. The purpose-built office building is a living showcase of modern building design and Honeywell’s own cutting-edge building technologies, which optimize the efficiency, comfort, and safety of buildings.

The crown jewel of Honeywell’s brand new Headquarters is their Customer Experience Center (CXC), which gives visitors a full picture of the incredible range of products and services that Honeywell provides. It brings together the many threads of the company and weaves them into a cohesive and immersive experience, making ‘cross-selling’ a natural consequence of good storytelling.

As soon as the walls were built (and still drying), Purple’s engineers were there - on-site and installing the equipment.

Purple delivered ‘the complete package’ here; working on the CXC from the Strategy and Concepting phase, right through to the installation and the design of custom content. Purple’s Hyro platform is the core of the whole operation – it’s about the only software capable of handling this level of complexity and customization.

Honeywell’s CXC includes an Immersive Experience Room, an Interactive Video Wall, Sensor-driven signage and interactive displays that enable visitors to explore the many brand stories and possibilities. Interactive Holographic displays enable visitors to interact with information and 3D models of Honeywell’s technologies. These are a real-life demonstration of Honeywell’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

To show Honeywell’s building optimization technology in action, a screen embedded in a pillar shows a real-time heatmap that visualizes concentrations of human activity. In practice, their solutions enable the fully-automated optimization of building resources, a comfortable working environment and energy-saving. All this normally happens in the background - unseen. Using this visualization, visitors can actually see this ‘unseen’ technology at work.


Honeywell operates in several industries and is made up of four main divisions including Performance Materials and Technologies, Building Technologies, Aerospace, and Safety and Productivity solutions.

Many of Honeywell’s technologies have cross-over benefits in other industries. So they needed a way to bring these stories together. An airport, for example, could use products from different divisions of the company, such as building controls, sensors (and other parts) in aircraft, and sustainable aviation fuel. Perhaps they also use their productivity software to optimize operations or other solutions too. Using this CXC, Honeywell has enabled a seamless customer experience that can cover all the bases.

Although all the custom content, 3D environments, navigation and visualizations were created by Purple, the CXC uses the Hyro platform – which makes it flexible and powerful. The content is easily adapted and customized, using a digital content library or brand new digital assets. Honeywell can also rest easy, knowing that the cloud-based Hyro platform is constantly maintained and improved with new features and capabilities. The future is unlimited.


Customer Experience Center (CXC): Honeywell, Charlotte, North Carolina.

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