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Honeywell lets its customers experience real innovation at work. Honeywell shows its customers their value as a strategic partner for innovation by using stirring and customized digital stories. Their customer-centric approach is shown to best effect with their stunning Immersive Experience Room, created by Purple. Using this immersive technology, Honeywell is able to involve their customer in a brand experience that communicates value in terms they understand and appreciate.
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"Honeywell lets its customers experience real innovation at work."


As a company with a long history of research and innovation, Honeywell has a lot of stories to tell. Their products practically make the world go round, and their operations stretch across multiple industries and disciplines. So it’s no surprise that some of their technologies have overlapping areas of application and different types of customers.
Conveying this complexity is a struggle – but made easier with their impressive IX room. Using this fully-immersive experience room, Honeywell takes their clients on a customized journey. They get to explore new technology and innovative services, and see exactly how these connect to their own situation. Using touch-enabled fully immersive screens and content created by Purple or taken from their own digital library, Honeywell offers clients the ability to see their amazing technology in action.


An Immersive Experience Room already makes a statement about your attitude to innovative technologies. For Honeywell, they are able to use it very effectively by treating their guests to amazing interactive experiences that bring their technology to life. 
They can make stronger connections with their customers, using experiences that are specially tailored for each audience. Using the Hyro platform, Honeywell can deploy numerous unique experiences in the same, stunning venue. It can be used for VIP presentations and sales, or internal purposes like training and onboarding. This amazing immersive experience room has re-written the rules for how companies talk to the customer, and Honeywell is using it to the fullest.


- Immersive Experience: Honeywell, Atlanta, United States
- Immersive Experience: Honeywell, Charlotte, United States

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