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Many of the world’s biggest companies run on SAP’s advanced business software. They are known throughout the world as a market-leader in enterprise software solutions. At the core of their business is innovation and talent. To attract and develop this talent, their San Ramon office in California built a dedicated Engineering Academy. Using powerful interactive experiences running on the Hyro platform, SAP is able to turn their Engineering Academy into a free-thinking collaborative extravaganza that pushes the boundaries and challenges participants to innovate.
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SAP prides itself as a leader in innovation, and they show this commitment with an Engineering Academy that challenges participants to push the boundaries of their thinking – to make new connections and abstract concepts. This task requires a powerful and flexible toolkit, in addition to a space that is designed for the developer community. So SAP and Purple worked together to create this new dedicated space for software development excellence  - and the Engineering Academy was born. It uses a combination of immersive experiences and technologies to enable collaboration and focused, small-team working. The academy is equipped with an immersive tunnel, a pop-up interactive experience, and digital signage. This was a concept-led project that created a new kind of experience-led center for learning, using the most powerful technologies available. 

Purple helped to design and create this immersive space for learning from the earliest concept and strategy stage, right through to the final delivery. Using the Hyro Platform, SAP is able to create an immersive learning environment that fuels collaborative thinking and problem-solving.   

PopIX, SAP The Engineering Academy


We use Hyro in our Engineering Academy, which would allow us to easily create content ourselves and help us create new scenarios easily. The power of immersive technologies is the ability to engage people’s minds. Being fully in the moment - totally focused on the experience – creates the special environment needed to combine creativity with productivity. The SAP Engineering Academy makes the developer the real hero of their brand story. With a purpose-built space that brings synergies to creative projects through intentional design, SAP has an unparalleled ability to foster their developer and software engineering talent. Already famous for creating groundbreaking ERP software, SAP continues to distinguish itself from the competition with innovative technologies and fresh approaches.


Engineering Academy: SAP, San Ramon, United States

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