Sapphire 2021

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SAP is best known for their market-leading enterprise software. Hidden behind the scenes, their products help to make a more efficient and productive world. Using custom-designed content from Purple (and delivered with the powerful Hyro platform), SAP was able to deliver an engaging digitally-powered keynote address at their annual Sapphire event in 2021. With over 100,000 viewers, this keynote presentation needed to keep each attendee interested from start to finish, with a bitesize format that made complex innovations easy to understand.
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The annual Sapphire event is an exposition of the latest developments and advancements in the SAP ecosystem. It’s an opportunity for all stakeholders to see how the shape of their businesses might change thanks to SAP’s software solutions. The Sapphire event kicks off with a 90 minute keynote presentation, which needs to keep audiences engaged and interested from start to finish. 

To achieve this, Purple used their expertise to create a special storytelling experience that sparked interest and fuelled engagement. The keynote presentation was delivered as an engaging ‘TV format’ broadcast that took attendees on a journey, exploring the full breadth of possibilities in easily-digestible chunks. Using the Hyro platform, SAP was able to deliver this experience to customers around the world. Transposing their innovations into a storytelling experience gives their customers an unparalleled insight into how SAP’s innovations can improve and optimize their businesses.


When you can see a solution in action it’s easier to understand. For SAP, many of their most valuable products have incredible impacts in working methods, efficiencies and outcomes – but these are hard for customers to actually see. Given the complexity of their solutions, it is also difficult to convey the value of their innovations to each target group. With the engaging TV-format storytelling experience, SAP is able to share their news in a way that excites and interests every audience member. Purple was delighted to be a part of this exciting experience. By combining our storytelling expertise with digital content production capabilities, we delivered an amazing result for SAP.


Sapphire 2021: SAP, online event

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