Seeing is believing at Under Armour's Digital Showroom

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Under Armour
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Under Armour is a leading sportswear fashion brand that sells to consumers via a network of retailers around the world. They use the Digital Showroom concept created by Purple to take customers on a virtual journey. With the Digital Showroom, Under Armour can take buyers through every possibility, show their customers exactly what their products look like in-store, and show upcoming products, colors, and digital prototypes.
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Recognizing the importance of showing the full potential of their product range, Under Armour needed a solution that was powerful enough to create a fully-customized experience, but with the flexibility to change and adapt this as needed. They had used physical showrooms before to showcase each category within their range, but this was limited by location and physical space.

The fully-immersive digital showroom concept created by Purple enables Under Armour to visualize every possibility for their customers. It harnesses an immersive digital experience combined with physical items to give buyers a hybrid digital showroom they can really get into. 

Multiple product variations can be explored, and the entire product range can be shown on display in a virtual version of the buyer’s very own store environment. This can be seamlessly combined with emotive digital stories that help customers understand the brand values and how these contribute to a solid value proposition. Putting their buyers at the center of their brand story makes it easier to form strong connections and more collaborative buying experiences that have better end-results.


Using this immersive virtual showroom solution, Under Armour gives customers a better understanding of their products, their brand, and the value they contribute to the customer’s retail environment. This leads to more confident decision-making, and better understanding. Under Armour’s products have a story to tell - they are constantly innovating and finding ways to make sure they stand out from the competition. With their immersive digital showroom, Under Armour can integrate these stories into their showroom experience, and give buyers the opportunity to explore connections between their products, and the insights that make them so successful. 


- Digital Showroom: Under Armour, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- Digital Showroom: Under Armour, Seoul, South Korea
- Digital Showroom: Under Armour, Baltimore, United States

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