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Purple Business Highlights 2021

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December 28, 2021
Here comes a wrap-up of 2021! It is a little celebration of Purple and our achievements together this year.

Purple Growth

We are growing fast! This year, we have welcomed 16 new team members. Does the idea of joining a rapid growing organization appeal to you? Check out our vacancy list here.

How many experiences did we deliver in 2021?

We delivered 23 projects with a variety of services, from strategy and visual content creation to the final delivery of immersion rooms, experience centers and studio's running on our Hyro storytelling strategy! 😉

Announcement Holland Capitol Investors

January 2021
In January Purple received funding from Holland Capital to further develop the Hyro storytelling software and strengthen&expand their international presence. Both via organic growth and 'buy and build' strategy. Read this article to learn more (Dutch only).

Wegwijs VR

March 2021
In March, Interpolis and Uitgeverij Zwijsen launched the new traffic education package. Purple developed and facilitated the VR application.
Curious how this application works, visit the website.

Virtual Studio Walldorf & Den Bosch

May 2021

In May, we delivered two virtual studios for SAP. All powered by Hyro storytelling software, the digital virtual studio technology seamlessly integrates the real-life cameras with the ‘virtual cameras’ to provide a professional immersive presenting experience.

The Immersive Truck Event

May 2021

In collaboration with Movico and Bourgonje, Purple organised the second Immersive Truck Event. 17 Companies spread over 3 days visited the truck at Postillion Hotel Veluwemeer and got inspired how to combine storytelling with technology and organize innovative face to face sales and marketing activities.

Sapphire NOW 2021

June 2021
Produced an online visual storytelling experience for Sapphire’s keynote presentation. Interested to get to know more about this yearly online event and Purple's role, check out the case study.

Seoul Immersion Room

August 2021

Under Armour added their third digital showroom location in Seoul, South-Korea. This three wall immersive experience brings physical and digital elements together.

Purple Sail

September 2021

Purple Sail at Terschelling took place after months of social distancing! Nothing can beat a sailing trip weekend with pirate themed barbecue under the sun, a surf clinic, workshops and a lot of fun 😎.

LinkedIn Followers Milestone

September 2021
Our LinkedIn account reached 1,000 followers in September!
Are you following us already? Wait no longer and learn everything about digital storytelling.

Honeywell Customer Experience Center

October 2021
In October, we delivered the Customer Experience Center for Honeywell in their HQ in Charlotte, USA. Purple designed and delivered all touch points within this center. All installations are managed and controlled by Purple's storytelling software Hyro.
Interested to learn more about the project, click here!

Website Launch

November 2021

In November, we launched our brand new website with a fresh look! It is the environment where you are scrolling right now :)

SAP Engineering Academy

November 2021
In November Purple delivered in collaboration with SAP a powerful interactive experiences their Engineering Academy in San Ramon, USA. It uses a combination of immersive experiences and technologies to enable collaboration and focused, small-team working. The academy is equipped with an immersive tunnel, a pop-up interactive experience, and digital signage. These solutions are managed and controlled by Hyro. Learn more here.


December 2021
Cognizant and Purple’s collaboration was intended to deliver an Immersive Experience Room at Cognizant in Amsterdam. They call it their Digital Studio. It embraces the customer-focused value, powered by the industry leading storytelling software Hyro.

Written by:

Susan van Dueren den Hollander

Business Development Manager
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