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Global IT Consultancy
Strategy, Interior Design, Solution Implementation, Content Creation
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Our client is a global IT consultancy - so they’re accustomed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies that elevate businesses to the next level. With decades of experience in digital transformation, the client wanted a dedicated space that could nurture meaningful client relationships and explore new possibilities in digital innovation.Their remarkable Immersive Experience supports a deeper client and partner relationship with advanced digital storytelling capabilities. As the centerpiece to their Digital Studio in Amsterdam, the client uses this asset to execute customized presentations and interactive workshops with customers and partners. The multisensory immersive environment helps break down barriers to creativity and build a better future through vibrant collaboration and the co-creation of unique solutions.
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The goal of this versatile Immersive Experience is to provide visitors to the client’s Digital Studio with an engaging experience that can also be used to turbo-charge collaboration in a hybrid working world. The Immersive Experience gives our client a truly fitting venue for bringing their innovative IT solutions to life. It bridges the gap between the real world and a digital world of infinite possibilities.

This experience room is more than just a demonstration area or showroom - it’s a digital workspace that also supports hybrid workshops and strategic planning sessions. By inviting their own clients and partners into this immersive digital workspace, they are creating meaningful shared experiences that inspire innovation and collaboration.

The physical hardware consists of a U-shaped Immersive Experience Room, equipped with 3 touch-capable walls and state-of-the-art projectors. To enclose the experience, a curtain can be drawn across the space, or left open as a tantalizing invitation to step in and join in. Using the Hyro software, our client can deploy interactive experiences that engage audiences physically and remotely. The entire experience can be easily controlled with a tablet, leaving the presenter free to gauge audience reactions and offer a more personalized experience.

Along with our trusted AV partners, Purple provided the total package here: Design, Build, and Support. The Purple team worked closely with the client from the beginning, starting with a clear outline of strategic objectives and conceptual design of the experience. 

In addition to the final delivery of the project, Purple also helped the client get the most from this investment with a portfolio of initial content, training, and ongoing support. Combined, these ensure a successful result from the very start.

This incredible immersive space is used by multiple departments in our client’s organization, including their Digital Studio Team. Many types of content are used in this collaborative space, including digital stories about client cases and specific product offerings. Furthermore, it is used to support their lively interactive workshops and strategic planning sessions. It’s a fully equipped digital playground for experimenting with new kinds of interactions and content.

With this impressive Immersive Experience, the client can truly demonstrate their digital prowess. It’s a powerful statement that distinguishes their brand as a market leader in digital innovation.


Our client has a global customer-base, and a dazzling portfolio of potential solutions. To ensure that they keep up with rapid changes in customer needs, the client has created this dedicated space to ensure a close and collaborative relationship with their customers. As a focal point for cooperation and mutual inspiration, it supports meaningful interactions with both their customers and partners.

With their amazing Hyro-powered Immersive Experience, the client can immerse their customer in unique digital stories that stimulate the senses and unleash creative thinking. Their digital solutions can be shown in action - and in a context that is both customized and familiar to each customer. This has a real impact. But it’s not just a place where customers are shown things - this Immersive Experience Room is a digitally enabled meeting space that’s ready for a hybrid world.

Customers and partners can explore, experiment, learn, and share. This helps our client to serve their customers better. They are free to create unique solutions that are made to fit their customer’s needs, through structured interaction and collaboration. It’s an asset that ensures they stay at the forefront of digital innovation.


- Immersive Experience: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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