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Immersive Experience

demonstrates how to use an immersive experience room with digital displays
You want to stand out from the crowd. To have your story heard. Your business has an amazing story to tell, and you want something a traditional conference room cannot provide: inspiration. This setup can turn any space into a spectacular brand experience.
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The Immersive Experience is a permanent room, powered by the Hyro platform.

It’s a fully-enclosed immersive space that engages your visitors in a journey they won’t forget. It can be installed practically anywhere; an office, store, or exhibition center. Created by Purple, this concept uses state-of-the-art audiovisual and sensor technology to provide a 360-degree interactive experience, using Hyro’s breathtaking spherical content capabilities.

How does it work?

There’s nothing quite like a fully-immersive experience; it takes participants into a new world. Your world. Surrounded by touch-capable screens, visitors can interact with advanced digital content. You’ll draw them deeper into your brand experience with every touch.

Using high-quality screens, advanced projectors and audio technology, you can deliver slick digital stories that put your visitors at the center of the experience. The best part: it’s easy to use, and experiences can be managed and adapted in real-time using a tablet or custom control. With a built-in capability for interactivity, your visitors can also become the architects of their own experience.

Immersive experience rooms have demonstrable value in many areas. From VIP presentations and sales pitches, to product training and employee onboarding. It can even be used as a tool for collaboration, strategic decision-making and creative sessions. It brings people together, connects and inspires.

Solution in action
An immersive experience room is a permanent installation that delivers long-lasting value. It’s the highlight of any visitor area or brand experience center. The Hyro platform makes it versatile enough to use in multiple ways, so it can switch between employee onboarding, a training session or VIP presentation with a few taps on a tablet.

Take your audience on a journey they’ll still be thinking about months later. They’ll embark on a customized visual journey that’ll make them part of your brand story. An experience like this forges a positive connection between people that endures. As an impressive showpiece, IX can elevate the power of your brand. But it delivers more tangible benefits too. Immersive experiences demonstrably shorten sales cycles, increase deal size, and improve relationships with clients. It also streamlines decision-making processes, by keeping people focused and involved.

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