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Immersive Experience

demonstrates how to use an immersive experience room with digital displays
Elevate beyond the ordinary with Purple's unique setup, transforming any space into an immersive brand experience. Ditch the traditional conference room and let your singular story captivate the crowd.
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The Immersive Experience, a permanent installation powered by Purple's Hyro platform, brings a transformative 360-degree interactive journey.

This fully-enclosed space, equipped with advanced audiovisual and sensor technology, can be set up practically anywhere; offices, stores or exhibition centers.

It utilizes Hyro’s spherical content capabilities for unforgettable visitor engagement.

How does it work?

There’s nothing quite like a fully-immersive experience; engaging your visitors through interactive storytelling through touch-capable screens and advanced digital content.

Our high-quality displays and sound technology create a dynamic, user-centered experience.

Easily managed and adapted in real-time, this setup empowers visitors to shape their own experience, deepening their connection with your brand's world.

Immersive experience rooms are versatile tools, ideal for everything from VIP presentations and sales pitches to product training and employee onboarding.

Their use even extends to enhancing collaboration, strategic decision-making, and creative brainstorming. These rooms not only bring people together but also ignite connection and inspiration.

Solution in action
The immersive experience room, a permanent installation, is a centerpiece in any visitor or brand experience area. Powered by the Hyro platform, its flexibility shines, easily transitioning from employee onboarding to training sessions or VIP presentations with simple tablet controls.

This space isn't just a feature; it's a multidimensional asset for various organizational needs.

Elevate your brand with IX and create lasting impressions. This immersive journey not only integrates audiences into your brand’s story but also strengthens enduring connections.

More than just an impressive display, IX boosts brand impact with tangible benefits. It shortens sales cycles, increases deal size, and builds stronger client relationships, all while sharpening decision-making through heightened focus and involvement.

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