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Virtual Studio

showing how to use extended reality feature on the professional virtual studio
A full-function in-house production studio. Professional solution with proven value.
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Your Goal

Online and digital channels have become a vital part of how we tell our stories. If you want to reach your audience, you need to have a powerful digital media presence. A cornerstone of this is your ability to produce high quality digital and video content that can capture the attention of any audience. With the Virtual Studio solution, a concept created by Purple, you can achieve this, in-house, without relying on a digital agency or external film crew.

The solution

Virtual Studio is a versatile digital virtual studio solution that can be adapted to the requirements of each client. Your Virtual Studio can be made to fit any shape or configuration. A typical arrangement consists of a LED floor and backdrop, cameras, sound and lights.

It’s a full-function production studio that can be used in a multitude of valuable ways. Record inspiring videos, host complex online and hybrid events, or take audiences on a journey through your product catalog - it’s all possible with Virtual Studio.

We use high-quality LED screens to create realistic results that can be produced in real-time, using any digital content. What the audience actually sees is an immersive world that surrounds the presenter - one that’s controlled with a tap on a tablet. Once it has been set up by our professional teams, you’ll be shown how you can make the most of your production studio.

Powered by the Hyro platform, users can easily design, upload, save and manage content from anywhere in the world. With the help of a professional crew facilitated by Purple, you can achieve incredible results.

Virtual Studio gives you the ability to create mind-blowing online events that will hold your audience’s attention from start to finish. As online and hybrid events become a vital part of everyday business, you need a solution that can truly inspire. Virtual Studio is the tool you need to deliver truly professional results.

Solution in action
No more green-screen recordings. Virtual Studio can deliver next-level virtual content that transports audiences to destinations you choose. No need to add special after-effects or hire external teams of professionals either - you can create movie-studio-quality content yourself in real-time. The technology of Virtual Studio is already being used by Hollywood studios - the movie The Mandalorian was produced using this method.


The high-level experience that can come from Virtual Studio will take your online events to a spectacular new level. With the ability to build your own set, add content, and customize your display, you’ll be ahead of the competition and in a league of your own.
Take your audiences on intense and customized visual journeys that will make your brand experience memorable and inspiring.

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