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Virtual Studio

showing how to use extended reality feature on the professional virtual studio
A full-function in-house production studio. Professional solution with proven value.
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Your Goal

Today, online channels are the key to storytelling. To connect with your audience, you must have a strong digital media presence. Central to this is your capacity to create Hollywood-grade digital and video content that grabs any audience's attention.

Enter Virtual Studio by Purple—an in-house solution, eliminating the need for external agencies or film crews.

The Solution

Experience the versatility of Virtual Studio: a digital solution that adapts to your needs. From versatile configurations to immersive LED setups, it's your all-in-one production studio.

Record captivating videos, hot hybrid events, or showcase your product catalog - Virtual Studio does it all. Our LED screens create real-time immersive environments controlled at your fingertips.

With the Hyro platform, manage content worldwide effortlessly. With our expert crew, exceptional results are at your fingertips.


Virtual Studio enables you to craft captivating online events that keep your audience engaged. In the age of essential online and hybrid events, Virtual Studio is the solution that inspires and delivers professional results.

Solution In Action

Ditch the green screen. Virtual Studio transports your audience to any destination without the hassle of after effects or external professionals.

Create movie-studio-quality content in real-time just like Disney did for The Mandalorian.


Create your own set, customize content and leave your competition behind. Shape unforgettable visual journeys that inspire and set your brand apart.

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