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Sensor Driven Signage

how sensors work on digital displays
A collection of physical and digital elements that meet through interactivity.
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Your Goal

It’s not easy to generate targeted messages that reach the right people. You need a way to serve specific messages and digital stories. Your customers want to experience timely digital stories and find out information that matters to them. Make someone smile and create something special with sensor-driven signage

The solution

Sensor-driven signage is a special form of interactive signage that responds to specific sensor inputs. These can vary from simple presence detection to advanced sensors that respond to hand-movements or gaze. It creates an opportunity for deeper interactions and user involvement. Digital content adapts with user interaction, creating a special and memorable experience. Sensor-driven signage can create new opportunities for customer touchpoints. Using sensors that detect when someone shows interest in a particular item or product, the display will then adapt to show targeted and relevant messaging or digital stories. At the heart of the interactive signage is the ability to handle complex interactions and to serve customized digital content and messages. This is done by the Hyro platform, which powers the experience and dynamically adjusts the content. This can be done automatically based on certain triggers or interactions, or based on predefined customized content.

When your messaging is responsive, it becomes more targeted. People see and hear what they want and need. Sensor-driven signage can be used to drive sales, enrich digital content experiences, or touch people’s hearts. The message responds to the person and their actions, so your digital stories become more customizable than ever before.

Solution in action

Sensor-driven signage can be used as a single display, or as a series of connected displays. These installations are usually permanent or semi-permanent. The planning and strategy is key to the success of sensor-driven signage, so we work closely with our partners to ensure optimal results.


When people stop and interact with your signage, they make it a part of their own story. Sensor-driven signage can enable a more personalized experience. One that has real impact. It can inspire further interaction and emotional responses. You can form stronger connections and memories.

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