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Sensor Driven Signage

how sensors work on digital displays
A collection of physical and digital elements that fuse through interactivity.
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Your Goal

Crafting targeted messages for the right audience is a challenge. You need a tool for delivering specific, timely digital stories and information relevant to your customers.

Sensor-driven signage does exactly that, creating engaging, personalized experiences that resonate and charm.

The solution

Sensor-driven signage, enhanced with the Hyro platform, overhauls interactive displays by responding to various sensor inputs, from simple presence detection to advanced hand movement or gaze sensors.

This technology promotes deeper user engagement and personalized content, offering unique customer touchpoints.

The display adapts to viewer interest, showcasing targeted messages and stories, and is adept at handling complex interactions for a lasting, customized experience.

Responsive messaging improves targeting, showing people what they want and need. Sensor-driven signage not only boosts sales and enriches experiences, but it also connects emotionally.

It adapts to individual actions, making digital stories more customizable and impactful than ever.

Solution in action
Sensor-driven signage can be used as a single display, or as a series of connected displays. These installations are typically permanent or semi-permanent.

Planning and strategy is key to the success of sensor-driven signage, so we work closely with our partners to ensure optimal results.

Sensor-driven technology offers a personalized experience, sparking emotional connections and lasting memories.

This approach doesn't just capture attention; it creates meaningful and enduring interactions.

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