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Video wall & Large screens

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Captivate your customers with a dynamic video wall or large screen that immerses them in your brand's story.
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Step up

Showcase your brand's strengths in a novel way. Move beyond repetitive video loops; embrace interactive media for true engagement.

Our video walls and large screens are designed to captivate audiences and share your unique story, inviting guests on a journey they'll want to experience.

The solution

Powered by Hyro, our large-format audiovisual displays transform into dynamic and multipurpose engagement tools. From installing new video walls to upgrading existing screens, Hyro elevates any display into an interactive brand journey.

We specialize in crafting tailored solutions for diverse needs, ensuring each setup captivates and connects with its audience. Hyro's flexibility allows for real-time content adaptation, making every brand’s story an immersive and interactive experience.

Embrace the ease of customizing digital narratives with any AV technology – that's the edge of the Hyro platform.

Honeywell Customer Experience Center, Video Wall

Video walls deliver immediate, striking visual impact. Bright and engaging, they invite interaction and attention from your visitors.

Whether it’s showcasing products, sharing success stories, or offering educational content, the versatility of these displays, particularly when integrated with the Hyro platform, makes transitioning between various presentations effortless.

Solution in action
Team up with Purple for flexible video wall solutions. Whether it's large screens or video walls, free-standing or mounted, we tailor to your goals in any shape or size.

Through the Hyro platform, enjoy ease of operation and the freedom to update on the fly.

Revamp your visitor experience with a captivating large screen or video wall. While not as immersive as the IX, its impact is significant.

Add interactivity to enhance engagement, allowing visitors to actively explore and connect with your brand’s story.

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