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Video wall & Large screens

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Engage your customers with a compelling video wall or large screen display that draws them deeper into your brand story.
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Step up

You want your visitors to enjoy an innovative brand experience that shows-off all your strengths. Immerse them in your brand story with a large-format audiovisual setup that will draw them in like a magnet.
Instead of showing a series of boring videos on a loop, you can use interactive media that gets your visitors to really engage with your brand. Video walls and large screens can be used to take your visitors on a customized journey they’ll want to join and share.

The solution

Large-format audiovisual displays are not new, but when powered by the Hyro platform they become versatile engagement tools. Whether you want to install a new video-wall, or re-tool an existing screen with new tricks, the Hyro platform can turn a simple screen into a compelling and memorable brand experience. Each situation is unique, but we can help you to create the perfect solution. Using our expertise, you can curate a range of video wall or large-screen experiences. The same setup can be used to target each specific audience with uniquely tailored content. Every option is on the table. Large screens and video walls always draw people to them. They cannot help but touch, interact and engage with your digital content. Eye-catching and impressive, your brand stories can become interactive experiences. With a few taps on a tablet, you can change to a whole new experience, or make real-time changes to an existing one. That’s the power of the Hyro digital storytelling platform. It makes it easier than ever to deploy customized experiences, using any AV technology you choose.

Honeywell Customer Experience Center, Video Wall

Video walls have an instant visual impact. They’re big, they’re bright, and they’re waiting for you to step up and join in with the fun. Whether you decide to use interactive touch-capable screens or not, your visitors will be amazed. You can show off your latest products, show success stories and testimonials, or provide a sequence of educational experiences. Using the Hyro platform you can easily transition from one purpose to another.

Solution in action

Large-screens and video walls are usually permanent installations. But not always. When you team up with Purple, we can advise on your goals and how to meet them. Any shape or size; free-standing, wall, ceiling, or floor mounted. We’ve got you covered. Powered by the Hyro platform, your video wall will be easy to operate and update whenever you want.


Show your visitors something amazing. Give them an experience they won’t forget. While not as fully-immersive as the IX, a large screen or video wall will have a big impact. Interactivity can give a boost to the level of engagement, and enable visitors to take part in their own journey through your brand story.

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