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Professional-quality streaming studio. Easy to operate. Affordable and compact.
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As we move towards hybrid and remote work, online sessions are now an essential part of business. Enhance your online presence with professional-quality streaming, hybrid and virtual events using StreamIX.

How does it work?

StreamIX: Your Entry-Level Streaming Studio.

With an advanced LED screen wall, tripod-mounted camera, and integrated lighting, it delivers professional results in a one-person operation. Elevate your presentations and online events effortlessly. It can also transform into a customer experience center.

Powered by the Hyro digital storytelling platform, StreamIX lets you create and manage engaging digital experiences with ease. Switch modes with a few tablet taps and deploy memorable online events worldwide.

Transform your dull online meetings into captivating, interactive experiences. Show your online participants a pro streaming solution that’s affordable and user-friendly, yet powerful enough for complex events and multiple applications

Solution in action
StreamIX, powered by the Hyro platform, is a versatile digital asset with limitless possibilities. Use it for collaboration, customer experiences or training.

Discover new ways to harness its power

Today online events are the norm, and top quality is the expectation.

Elevate your online presence with StreamIX, a versatile studio that goes beyond brand image.

From engaging product launches to spellbinding digital storytelling, it delivers serious value in the digital age.

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