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Professional-quality streaming studio. Easy to operate. Affordable and compact.
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Your Goal

As we continue to move towards more hybrid and remote working, online sessions have become a part of everyday business. Let’s face it, not all online sessions are created equal. You can stand out from the crowd by producing professional-quality streaming, hybrid, and online events with StreamIX.

How does it work?

StreamIX is our entry-level streaming studio. It features an advanced LED screen wall and a tripod-mounted camera. Equipped with lighting and a screen for the presenter, it’s easily operated by one person but delivers professional results you can expect from a full studio. StreamIX will take your presentations and online events to a whole other level. It can easily double-up as a customer experience center. No experts needed: once installed, StreamIX is powered by the Hyro digital storytelling platform.
It’s easy to create and manage digital experiences that will grab attention and keep audiences involved.

Using the Hyro platform, it’s easy to deploy StreamIX to create memorable online events and presentations. With a few taps on a tablet, StreamIX can change modes and become a customer experience center. The cloud-based platform means the digital content can be created anywhere in the world, and delivered just the way you want.

Transform dull online meetings into inspiring, interactive experiences. Show your online participants that you mean business with a professional streaming solution. It can handle complex events and multiple applications, while still being affordable and easy to operate.

Solution in action

The StreamIX is a multifunctional digital media asset that can be used for multiple purposes thanks to the nimble Hyro platform.Once installed, you’ll find new ways to leverage this powerful technology. It can be used as a collaboration tool, as a customer experience center, or to create training experiences.

Online events are a fact of life. For businesses, it’s vital that these are done right. The grace period is over and people now expect more from an online event. Deliver an online streaming experience that exceeds expectations with this versatile streaming studio. It’s more than just your brand image. It’s more than an attention-grabbing online product launch or other event. StreamIX is a powerful tool for digital storytelling that can be used in numerous ways to provide serious value in our digital age.

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