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Interactive Signage

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Tell your clients something they want to hear. Interactive signage can point the way.
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Your Goal

Want to roll out the red carpet for your guests? Perhaps you want to drive engagement with something people often ignore? You need something people just can’t stop themselves from interacting with. Something that can dynamically shift digital content to match your needs right now. You need interactive signage.

Honeywell Customer Experience Center, Interactive Signage

The solution

Interactive signage is a new way to use traditional digital displays. It’s used to generate two-way interaction with messages that have impact. Combining screens with sensors and the state-of-the-art Hyro platform, an interactive signage setup can provide personalized messages that get people to pay attention. Because this message is for you.
At the heart of the interactive signage solution, is the ability to handle complex interactions and to serve customized digital content and messages. This is done by the Hyro platform, which powers the experience and dynamically adjusts the content. This can be done automatically based on certain triggers or interactions, or based on predefined customized content. You decide.

Want to greet visitors personally as they arrive at the office? Ready to launch a viral advertising campaign that gets the public to participate and share? Interactive signage could be the solution. You can serve any kind of content you choose, from videos to simple messages or photos. Using interactive signage will ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Solution in action

Interactive signage can be used as a single display, or as a series of connected displays. Usually, these installations are permanent or semi-permanent. Many outdoor interactive signage setups have been used with incredible impact. The question is really: what do you want to achieve?


When you give a special, personal message to each visitor, you’ll show them that they matter to you. If you can inspire interaction and emotion, you can form stronger connections and memories.The power of interactive signage is the ability to create an entirely customized experience from something so ‘ordinary’. The moment a visitor steps through the door you can ensure they are given on-brand messaging that has impact and value.

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