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demonstrates using the smaller version of immersive experience room
A Pop-up version of the immersive experience room, ideal for events.
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Your Goal

Pack enormous ideas into a tiny space with PopIX. Elevate your product launches, wow at your events, train teams on new products, ace sales pitches and beyond.

PopIX in SAP Engineering Academy

How does it work?

The PopIX: a portable, pop-up immersive experience room. Create 360-degree narratives with our user-friendly software, as easy as using a microwave.

PopIX combines simplicity, modular design, potent hardware and our adaptable Hyro platform for limitless storytelling possibilities.

This compact 4m x 4m x 2.5m space is set up in under 3 hours.

Hyro Control Tablet
Experiencing the PopIX inside

Amplify every moment with PopIX. Show your audience true innovation through PopIX, our cutting edge, pop-up immersive solution.

Perfect for various events and applications, its budget friendly and simple to use - transforming every interaction into an unforgettable experience.

Solution in action
PopIX, powered by the Hyro platform is a versatile digital media asset. This all-in-one tool enhances collaboration, reshapes customer experiences, and overhauls training methods.

Unlock new potentials in digital engagement

Transform your events with the PopIX, the ultimate pop-up 360-degree immersive room. Ideal for product launches, corporate events, and training, it provides an unmatched immersive experience.

Quick to set up and adaptable in design, PopIX ensures your events are impactful and memorable, distinguishing them in the physical space.

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